What Does a Clutch Kit Consist Of?

There are some things important for a car and clutch kits are one of them. No matter you are a casual driver or a racer, the clutch will decide how smooth your ride is. There are different stages of clutches and if you are a casual driver then you may want to get rid of your stock clutch and install a basic clutch kit from Fidanza or ClutchMasters. If you want to stand out of the pack and want to blast everybody off in the competition then you may want to get the custom made clutches for your ride. But you may ask yourself a question that what makes them such an important part of a car?

The acceleration of the car is dependent on how good you are at shifting. If you have a habit of short shifting then you will not be aware of the importance of the clutch. You may have never experienced the power of the engine that is transferred to the next gear when you shift properly. But the people who are conscious of the performance and are fully aware of proper shifting cannot get enough out of their stock clutches. This is the reason why they go for replacement clutches to get the maximum burst of torque and enjoy their rides.

It is always good to do some research before you opt to buy a clutch kit for your car. You may want to go to your favorite dealers to get the clutch kit but unless you know what you want to buy, they will not be able to help you out. Once you know about the top manufacturers and the right product for your car then you will be in better position to let them know of your requirements. Even if the dealers do not have what you want, they can order it for you. You can find a clutch kit at a very reasonable price but top of the line manufacturers will cost you a bit more.

A clutch kit mainly has 3 parts:

  1. Friction plate
  2. Pressure plate
  3. Release bearing

You may also find pilot bearings and pilot bushings in some of the clutches.

The friction plates are better in the replacement clutches and stronger springs are also fitted in them to make the clutching process smooth for you. A hard clutch in a car with manual transmission can cause a lot of problem to the driver.

Moreover they clutch kits are made of aluminum and will not add to the weight of your car. Internet is the best place to shop for automotive parts as you can find products from all the manufacturers that sell online and can read the specifications too without moving a step. There are also discounts available online too and the websites readily ship the products to your home. Check the warranties associated with the product you buy online to make sure you have invested in the best possible manner.

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