What Are the Common Signs of Bad Vehicle Brakes?

If you own a car that is more than two years old, make sure you read this article carefully. Here, we have discussed about the common signs of bad brakes, a problem the majority of the old vehicles face.

Before reading this article you must be aware of the fact that the symptoms of bad car brakes can vary from one vehicle to another depending on the kind of braking system the vehicle in question carries. So, the best way to avoid car breakdowns due to faulty brakes is getting old cars checked by an experienced auto mechanic once every year. If the fault in the brake is detected early, you will not need to invest big amount of money for getting your vehicle repaired; this is another advantage of knowing the signs of defective braking system.

Now let us discuss about the primary topic of this article, which is, symptoms of bad automobile brakes. The first sign we will be talking about is squealing noise. If there’s a problem in the braking system of an automobile, you will hear a squealing sound as soon as you apply the brake pedal. The sound might be loud or feeble depending on the severity of the problem.

Another kind of noise that indicates a problem in brakes is a scraping noise. This happens if you keep on ignoring the squealing sound. In such situations, as soon as you apply the brake pedal, you will find your vehicle making a scrapping or grinding sound. It’s needless to say that such sounds are extremely loud; usually, the scrapping noise resembles the sound created when a metal structure hits another structure made of metal. A scrapping or grinding noise indicates a serious issue in the braking system of your car.

Has the brake pedal of your vehicle become a bit spongy? It is also a common sign of problems in automobile brakes. You should get the car checked even if the pedal is offering less resistance than what it used to offer originally.

Pulsation or vibration when trying to apply the pedal is another symptom of a bad brake. To be more precise, this happens due to improperly-finished or warped rotors. Ideally, you should get the rotors replaced if they show any sign of defect. However, according to experienced auto mechanics, a rotor can be adjusted twice before being replaced.

Is the pedal dropping completely on the floor? If yes, then don’t waste a single minute and get the braking system of your vehicle mended by a reliable mechanic in your area.

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