Money Making Strategies With Private Label Rights (PLR) Products

Affiliate E-book Giveaway Strategy

Everyone loves free gifts! What better way to share free gifts than by turning your PLR products into e-books to giveaway? When you give free content to your subscribers, you build trust and credibility with them and they will love you even more.

But let’s take things a step further… Inside your free e-books, you can include links to products of interest… Something related to what they are reading. These links are actually your Affiliate Links. So, if they happen to buy something through your link, you will be paid commissions by the vendor!

You can also encourage your subscribers to share the e-books with others if they liked it. That way, your affiliate links in the book will be spread to even more people virally and the chances of you making a commission through click-throughs increases as well.

Free gifts not necessarily need to be in the form of e-books. You can also give free access to membership sites or videos. These free content serves two purposes: The first is providing valuable content to your subscribers and the second is to encourage them to share or direct them to relevant sources which could be either your affiliate links or sales pages.

Try and brainstorm a couple of free products that you can come up with and give it to your subscribers. They say that the amount of rewards you get is directly proportionate to the amount of value you provide. So let’s start the ball rolling and start giving out more value to our subscribers!

Podcasting PLR For Profits

Here’s a useful strategy. Have you tapped into the power of audio yet? Studies have shown that majority of people prefer to listen than read. So why not jump on the bandwagon by creating nifty products in audio format using PLR?

One good strategy is to do a Podcast of PLR product that you have. A Podcast is a more interesting product than the conventional e-book and with that you can charge your customers a fee to listen to it. To add more value to your podcast, try giving away master resell rights to it! Meaning, people who purchase a copy of your podcast can sell it to others and keep the profit for themselves. This encourages them to promote it and let the word of your services reach a wider audience.

When you give away Master Resell Rights (MRR) to a product, a smart thing to do would be to leave traces of information that lead to your website or business inside the product. That way the more others sell your product, the more coverage you will get.

Why not double the value by giving customers free download access to the word transcript of the podcast? That way they can listen to it when they feel like or go back and study the podcast in the text format! People love access to different file formats and if your business can be the one to provide for that, they’ll love you for it.

Source by Peter Molnar

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